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Published on 12/05/2017

Supporting Cambodia to implement its social health insurance

In Cambodia, 23 % of the population live below the poverty threshold and 70 % have no health cover. For 15 years, GRET has been leading micro-health insurance activities for the formal and and informal sector. From 2012, these activities were gradually transferred to the State or to local operators subsidised by the State to make systems sustainable, in line with the country’s social health protection policy. At the end of September 2013, the health insurance project for workers in the textile sector was transferred to Cambodia’s National Social Security Fund (NSSF).

Since then, GRET has been providing technical support to the Health Insurance division to accompany the transfer of this project and support formalisation of procedures for approximately ten key operational functions. In February 2017, a new technical support phase was started to work alongside the NSSF on implementing compulsory social health insurance for the private sector, which was officially launched in 2016.

This technical assistance, planned over one year, meets three requirements expressed by the NSSF:

  • Firstly, GRET is assisting the NSSF in the daily implementation of the procedural guidelines designed during the previous technical assistance phases. This support focuses on approximately ten key operational functions, such as identification of the insured when they arrive in health care structures, payment of health care services providers, collection of health care consumption data, etc.
  • GRET then supports the NSSF’s health protection team to define its national protection plan. This requires providing elements of methodology that subsequently enable the NSSF to take a position in terms of defining its priorities and the resources that will be deployed in the short and medium term.
  • Lastly, GRET is working alongside the NSSF on setting up its call centre for customer service management. This support consists of identifying the needs of the various NSSF departments, with a view to drawing up specifications that will enable it to express its needs and functional specificities to the software designer it will have selected for its call centre. GRET will also support the NSSF to identify complementary tools to monitor levels of satisfaction among the insured.

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