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Published on 12/05/2017

The Alisea network’s first annual General Assembly

The first annual General Assembly of the Alisea network  (Agroecology Learning alliance in South East Asia) in Cambodia was held in Siem Reap on 21 and 22 March 2017. Support for the emergence of Alisea was provided under a regional programme entitled “Supporting agroecological transition”  (Actae), funded by the Agence française pour le développement (AFD) and implemented jointly by GRET and Cirad. 

This event brought together 60 participants representing a range of broadly diverse organisations (Local and international NGOs, farmers’ federations, research centres, universities, the private sector and government agencies). It took place over two days, alternating presentations, round tables and field visits.  During the latter, participants visited two experimental farms that are well advanced in agroecological transition in the villages of Prei Thlok (Knart commune, district of Puok) and Kouk Russei Choeng (Dan Run commune, district of Sotr Nikum), supported respectively by the Feed the Future  programme (USAID) and GRET, in partnership with Cirad, via the Support for intensive agriculture with low input consumption project funded by the General Council of the Hauts-de-Seine (a department in the greater Paris area).

The annual General Assembly made it possible to:

  • present the activities conducted within the Alisea network during the previous year and provide feedback on the first subsidies allocated to Cambodia (Alisea and Cansea);
  • strengthen and contribute to a common vision on agroecological transition for the stakeholder coalition working on the promotion of agroecology in Cambodia, via the approval of a common Alisea charter;
  • share and facilitate multi-stakeholder discussions on their vision of agroecology, as well as on practices, in order to contribute to a common understanding.

All the presentations that generated the discussions are available to download on the Alisea website.
To find out more, visit the online knowledge-sharing platform on agroecology in the Mekong region and follow the Alisea project on Facebook.