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GRET has been active in Chad since the 2000s, primarily in the media support sector.

GRET’s work with the Chad media since 2005 was completed with a more specific 18-month project launched in 2009 in the framework of the elections and a policy agreement aiming to institute a more peaceful democratic process. The project’s ambition was to prepare Chadian journalists to cover the electoral debates and campaign, and strengthen the sector as a whole, especially its legal framework.

After the 2009 General Assembly of Communication was held, the project continued with the journalist training courses on covering electoral news and the work strengthening media regulation and self-regulation. Specialized training in covering electoral news was provided to 120 journalists in print, radio and television: a course on “respecting pluralism, balance and equality of treatment for the various parties present – text/photo coordination” for written press and photojournalism; a course on adapting the television program schedule to cover elections; and a radio training course on “reporting and radio journalism techniques during electoral periods.” An extension workshop covering Chadian journalists’ rights and duties was also held.

The regulation and self-regulation bodies also received support for their monitoring-related activities during electoral periods, operational support, and support expanding to the provinces.

One month before the end of the project, Edict No. 05 restricting press freedom that had been in effect for three years was repealed.

Professional organizations, notably the ethics and deontology observatory, have now come together in the Maison des Médias (press center), an initiative facilitated by German cooperation and with which GRET has combined its efforts to consolidate the media sector.

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