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GRET has been active in Rwanda on an occasional basis since the early 1990s, primarily in agricultural development and media support.

In 2010, CCFD–Terre Solidaire called on GRET to produce a regional land tenure study in the Great Lakes region of Africa (Burundi, Rwanda and DRC) following on from the study conducted in Rwanda in 2009. The objective was three-fold: identify the problems involved in the stakes and challenges of securing local populations’ land rights in function of the specific characteristics of the three countries (population density, return of refugees, social peace, etc.), place the current choices in land policies into perspective with these issues and the major orientations of regional processes, and identify key issues to address in terms of land policy and field initiatives. This study was produced in partnership with a group of civil society organizations in the three countries covered by the study.

In 2010, GRET was asked to participate in the mid-term review of the RSSP2 project implemented by the Government of Rwanda. The aim was to analyze participation by farmers’ organizations (marketing cooperatives, irrigation users’ associations, etc.) and formulate proposals to improve farmers’ organizations’ involvement in commodity chains and markets.

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