About Us

GRET is a French development NGO that has been actively fighting poverty and inequalities for 35 years in the field and in policy. Its professionals intervene in a broad range of subjects to provide lasting, innovative solutions for fair development. GRET’s 700 professionals intervene in more than thirty countries,  in sixteen fields.

A Professional NGO

  • In its vision of development: Because the struggle against poverty and inequalities requires the best skills, GRET defends a professional approach to development and enriches the sector with knowledge and innovative solutions.
  • In the involvement of developing country populations: GRET does not do charity; it believes that developing country people are citizen actors in their development. It therefore acts with them, favoring the dignity of citizenship over hand outs, capacity building over substitution, contribution to public policy over recycled unsuitable models, and working with the economic sector over sterile opposition.
  • In its practices: GRET has the experience and references necessary to conduct its development actions properly. It places particular importance on transparency and seriousness in management, a mark of confidence for its partners around the world and its public (European Union, AFD, government authorities and international organizations), associative and company donors.

 A Development NGO

Acting for development requires a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach. For this reason, GRET acts:

  • on a range of 16 complementary themes that, together, contribute to the development of developing countries: climate change, international trade and trade negotiations, agricultural development and food security, urban social development and housing, drinking water and sanitation, energy, agrifood commodity chains and consumption, land tenure, information management and ICTs, natural resource management, media, microinsurance (health and agriculture), microfinance, nutrition, strengthening the actors of social change, and business development services, training and vocational insertion;
  • with a wide range of different professions, from the field to research to policy; and
  • from the local to the global level, in villages and in international bodies.

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