Support Structuring a Collective Organization of Water Management Committees in Precarious Settlements of Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Field Project

Start date End date Budget Funding
01/01/2009 31/12/2012 1000000 € Union européenne ( UE )




Since 1995, GRET has worked in partnership with CAMEP in several precarious settlements of Port-au-Prince, to set up a water distribution system using public for-pay standpipes fed by the public network and managed by neighborhood committees. To do so, it helps structure management committees (Dlo committees), contractually tied to CAMEP by a management delegation contract. Today, there are approximately 60 Dlo committees.

As a continuation of this experience, the present project aims to support the structuring of a collective organization of Dlo committees so that they become true actors in local development and credible interlocutors for the local authorities and government au-thorities when it comes to elaborating public policies on access to urban services.

By supporting the establishment of a federating structure, the project’s objectives are, thus, to build the Dlo committees’ contracting authority capacities, and cause them to be included in public debates, notably in the context of the sectoral reform on drinking water underway in Haiti.