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Published on 28/06/2012

A New Project to Protect the Amazon Forest

On the eve of the Rio+20 international conference on sustainable development, GRET has launched a new project in Brazil focusing on the protection and sustainable management of the Amazon forest. The project takes an approach that combines conservation and development, thanks to a partnership with American environmental NGO Conservation International.

The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, has just vetoed a new Brazilian forest code that would have opened the door to massive deforestation in the Amazonian basin (see the article “Endangered Forests, Endangered People”), and GRET has launched a new support project for a sustainable forest management and conservation policy in Amapá State in the Brazilian Amazon (AMAPA project), in partnership with the government of Amapá and Conservation International (CI). Financed by the French Global Environment Facility (FGEF), the project is part of the Franco-Brazilian strategic partnership to support sustainable development of the Amazonian basin; Amapá borders French Guiana and many of the stakes are shared.

The aim is to strengthen the government of Amapá’s ambitious policy targeting sustainable development of the forestry sector and biodiversity conservation. It will help set up a legal framework encouraging new forest management models in the Brazilian Amazon that include populations, and will facilitate stronger biological corridor between the various protected areas in the state. For four years, GRET will support the public authorities in the administration of the State forest, support private forest development actors, and support innovative tools to ensure the long-term sustainability of financing for biodiversity conservation.

A cooperation agreement was signed on May 16, in the presence of the Governor of Amapá State, the Director of the AFD in French Guiana, the Honorary Consul of France in Macapá, and GRET’s representative in Brazil.