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Published on 23/04/2014

Improving mother and child health in Madagascar

(c) Gret, Nutridev

In April 2014 GRET launched a new mother and child health support project in Madagascar as part of a consortium lumping together ACF, the MFPF, HI, Santé Sud and Médecins du monde. The project is about helping to reduce death rates of mothers and infants by increasing access to – and use of – good-quality mother and child health and reproduction services in the Bongolava and Itasy regions. GRET has been entrusted with training the nurdsing staff in averting malnutrition, with buttressing the community health system, with awareness raising among the population about mother/child and reproductive health, and with devising a strategy for improving financial access to healthcare. GRET is moreover initiating social welfare activities in Madagascar, increasing its role in healthcare in the country.
Further information on the project available (in French)