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Published on 30/10/2014

Day of Exchanges entitled ‘Family Farming – Breeding Ground of Innovation’

On 16 October, for World Food Day organised, as part of the International Year for Family Farming, a day of work and exchanges between development players/operators on local and farming innovation was held under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the Comité Français pour la Solidarité Internationale (CFSI – French Committee for International Solidarity), Inter-Réseaux Développement Rural and Groupe Initiatives.

Family farming, a source of employment and an effective means for feeding populations, is facing a good many obstacles to its development. To stand up to these constraints, it must evolve all the time and innovate for a more long-term territorial development. These local innovations must be studied, disseminated and solidly supported to enable the solutions to fulfil their potential in terms of food security, adaptation to climate change, the resiliency of rural populations, regeneration of the ecosystems and employment. This day was an opportunity to show up initiatives aimed at capitalising, promoting and changing the scale of local innovations, and to illustrate their potential with concrete examples of access to urban markets, natural resources management and financial innovation.

GRET made known its expertise by describing its two microfunding projects in Myanmar. What these projects aim to achieve is easier access for small producers to infrastructures enabling them to develop their activity thanks to a leasing system, and price their inventories so that they benefit from the seasonal changes in the price of rice.
On this occasion, the Fondation de France awarded four prizes for innovative initiatives/projects boosting the longevity of territorialised food systems in France and in West Africa.

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