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Published on 03/03/2015

Farming Products Exchange Platform In The Mayanda Province Of The Democratic Republic Of The Congo

One of GRET’s aims with the Defiv-Dafoma project in the Lower Congo is to improve the provision of supplies to the large town of Boma using production from Mayanda, while at the same time safeguarding the forest resources and the integration of vulnerable families. Exchange platforms for agricultural/farming and livestock products are being built so that farmers will have a place to store and sell what they have produced.
The Phambu-Mayanda platform, about ten kilometres from the centre of Boma, is a crossroads for agriculture/farming value chain operators supplying the town’s 400,000 inhabitants. Indeed, this platform devoted mainly to the wholesale and semi-wholesale markets attracts vehicles coming from the areas of production such as the Matadi and Tshela roads. The operators can therefore carry out their commercial activities in a standardised and safe setting offering them several services including storage, sales outlets for small agricultural machinery, veterinary products and even places for processing cattle feed.
This platform was inaugurated on 6 February by the Minister for Agriculture, Fishing, Stockbreeding and Rural Development in the Lower Congo; the provincial representative in charge of relations with the province’s partners; the authorities governing Boma; and GRET’s project manager.
The ceremony provided an opportunity to highlight the advantages of the platform: full range of equipment, services available and participative management by the economic operators. The players involved in the value chains – especially those transporting the products – have been encouraged to use this infrastructure almost systematically for unloading as from 9 February 2015.
Since this date, ten or so lorries each day have been unloading their agricultural products (cassava chips, plantains, palm oil, etc.) onto the platform, and around 30 minibuses shuttle between the platform and the town of Boma.
The main idea behind the building of exchange platforms is to give Mayanda’s rural populations – who are now connected to the town following rehabilitation of the access road – better market access to agricultural/farming products. This improved access, along with the marketing of products which has been made easier, means higher prices for the area’s producers than those charged by the middlemen and thus should increase their incomes.
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