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Published on 04/03/2015

GRET Reelected To The French Partnership For Towns And Territories (PFVT)

The Partenariat français pour la ville et les territoires (PFVT) is the exchange and expertise enhancement platform for French urban development players operating internationally.
Launched in June 2011, it is an initiative devised by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Development; the Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy; and the Ministry for Housing, Territorial Equality and Rural Issues. It coordinates the drawing-up of strategies and the participation of French players in international debates, and it enhances the value of French urban expertise when faced with requests from partner towns/cities and governments in the developing and emerging countries.
The PFVT federates a great variety of players divided into seven bodies: government departments, public institutions, local/regional government and associations of elected officials, professionals, companies and engineering firms, research and training bodies, civil society organisations. GRET – along with the Ateliers de Maîtrise d’œuvre de Cergy-Pontoise – was reelected as a representative to the body of civil society organisations. Through this body, it will contribute to the upcoming international debates on climate and cities as part of the COP 21 climate conference to be held in Paris at the end of this year, and Habitat III next year.