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Published on 06/05/2015

New Project: Using Mobile Phones to Improve Mother and Child Healthcare in Burkina Faso – MobiSan

In Burkina Faso the community-based services are today acknowledged as solutions for improving the efficacy of healthcare acts. However, the means at the disposal of the community-based health workers remain limited, and communicating basic health data to the Health and Social Promotion Centres must be made more efficient. On 14 April the town of Fada N’Gourma was the venue of the ceremony which launched the MobiSan project: “By setting up services based on the community-wide use of mobile phones within the healthcare mechanism, this project will doubtless enable the use of mother and child health services to be increased, creating greater well-being,” said the Governor of Gourma Province.
This three-year pilot project initiated in the municipalities of Fada and Diabo, in the East of the country, is being implemented by GRET in partnership with Djantoli, Apac Fandima and Base Fandima, and in close collaboration with the Health Ministry. Three innovative services based on the use of mobile phones will be implemented for the benefit of 5,000 children and 20,000 women:

  • A continuous healthcare monitoring service associated with a pooled coverage of expenditure for children below the age of 5. Based on a low-cost voluntary subscription, the service guarantees regular visits by monitoring officers and ensures that information will be passed on to the patient’s Health and Social Promotion Centre via mobile phone. Illnesses and diseases will thus be detected quickly. It will be implemented by Djantoli
  • A service for raising awareness of health and nutrition practices by personalised information being regularly relayed to women and mothers and their husbands via text or multimedia content in SMSs, voice messages or Bluetooth;
  • Individual cases of referencing and of abandoning healthcare programmes for children detected as being malnourished will be able to be followed up owing to the passing-on of information via mobile phone between the Health and Social Promotion Centres and community-based health workers.

The health authorities and technical and financial partners will be made aware of the advantages of better integrating ITCs into health policies.

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