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Published on 26/06/2015

Development Research: Jointly Building France’s Strategy

Called on to be a referent NGO, GRET is taking part in a work group on development-oriented research bringing together some of the scientific and training bodies belonging to the Conseil national du développement et de la solidarité internationale (CNDSI – National Development and International Soldarity Council). Run jointly by the French Ministry for Education, Higher Education and Research (MENESR) as well as the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI), the group’s aim is to produce a forward-thinking document on development-focused partnership research. What this implies is tracing the strategic principles and lines so as to facilitate partnerships between development, research and teaching operators and thereby improve interlinking between public development and research policies both in France and abroad.

This determination follows on from the 2013 Development and International Solidarity Conference, where GRET was interviewed, and from the 2014 Blueprint and Programming law on French Development and International Solidarity (Lop-Dev), which plans to specify France’s development research orientations. Lastly, this forward thinking could be used to fuel France’s position on the subject at the New York Summit on SDGs coming up in September.

As a “development laboratory”, GRET will be able to contribute to promoting the action research procedures put together jointly by researchers and operatives in the field, as well as circulating them for the results to be embraced by policy-makers.