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Published on 23/11/2015

An Agri-food Portal in Senegal

A site dedicated to the agri-food sector in Senegal. This portal, coordinated by GRET, features an overview of information on the main agri-food sectors (milk, cereals, fruit and vegetables, groundnuts) from production to marketing, a significant documentary base and news on the sector. An ‘Ideas and Debates’ forum invites visitors to react to thought-provoking themes such as land tenure and agribusiness.

The site was produced as part of the Accès aux services et structuration des éleveurs laitiers (Asstel – Access to Services and Dairy Farmer Structuring) project and the Programme d’appui aux projets économiques des femmes de la vallée du fleuve Sénégal et du Bassin arachidier (Papef – Senegal River and Groundnut Basin Women’s Economic Projects Support Programme). Part of the site’s content (‘Infoconseil‘ and ‘Portail de la filière lait‘) comes from two former project websites (Prolait and Profils). (in French)