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Published on 26/02/2016

Waste management in Dolisie, Congo

From 2012 to 2015, the Municipality of Dolisie (the third largest city in Congo with 100,000 inhabitants) and GRET jointly led the Promaiss project, which resulted notably in the implementation of a waste collection system for 15,000 inhabitants in the central districts of the city (door-to-door collection, construction of a transit site, tax collection and behaviour change communication with inhabitants). As part of a second project launched by GRET in January 2016 (Inclusive and consultative waste management in Dolisie – Gicod), the waste management service will be extended to the districts on the outskirts of the city:  pre-collection of waste from houses or voluntary drop-off, construction of a new transit site for household waste, waste tax collection and testing of a waste  recovery system. This system includes support measures such as consultation between stakeholders, behaviour change communication with local populations and strengthening of municipal agents’ capacities.

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