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Published on 31/03/2016

Action-research on agro-ecological transitions for family farms

Agrisud, AVSF, Cari and GRET are combining their respective expertise in a new working group on ” agro-ecological transition”. Since the start of 2016, they have been working with research based on their experiments on the conditions for success of agro-ecological transition for family farms and smallholdings and on measuring and assessing the effects and impacts of agro-ecology. The objective is to contribute to a change in scale of agro-ecological practices. Based on the results of the analysis of these experiments, the group wants to speak with a single voice and develop greater capacity for political dialogue, in order to strengthen the collective advocacy of French international solidarity organisations on agro-ecology at national and international level. These positions will be passed on to the collectives to which these NGOs contribute, especially Coordination SUD (C2A and CCD) and the Desertification Working Group.

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