Accueil » The Capak association is managing and enhancing an agro-forestry area in DRC
Published on 18/04/2017

The Capak association is managing and enhancing an agro-forestry area in DRC


Between 2013 and 2016, the Afodek project made it possible to create an agro-forestry area of 2,200 hectares close to the town of Lubumbashi, in the South East of the Democratic Republic of Congo. With technical support from GRET and Nature+, and thanks to funding from the European Union, this area is being enhanced by 133 families planting fast growing acacias to produce sustainable charcoal.

Since 2015, these families have been organised in 10 site associations, which in turn are members of an umbrella association created in August 2016. The latter, named Capak (Congress of associations of agro-forestry producers in Kipushi), works on a daily basis to manage the agro-forestry area and ensure its sustainability. In February 2017, the association held a general assembly during which it confirmed its decision to exclude approximately fifteen operators who had not respected the minimum annual enhancement rules. Capak will shortly be taking up the land titles already obtained as part of the project and together with the site associations will proceed to select new families for membership.

As the European funding will end in November 2017, Capak is actively seeking new technical and financial partners in order to continue its progress and develop over the coming years. Apart from the current agro-forestry activities, the association wants to extend its members’ activities to livestock breeding, market gardening and apiculture. The arrival of the armyworm in the Democratic Republic of Congo at the end of 2016 represents a considerable new threat for all farmers in Katanga province, who are at risk of having their crops devastated. Capak is also envisaging creation of infrastructures for the socio-economic development of the 133 member families and the 10 villages in the zone (market, processing units, training room for literacy, etc.). Exciting challenges for this new association to rise to…

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