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Published on 21/07/2017

Practical guide – Community-based management of natural bamboo forests

This practical guide is the result of a six-year project led by GRET in partnership with the Provincial office of agriculture and forestry in the uplands in the north of Houaphan province in Laos. It examines the development of sustainable value chains based on bamboo, involving farmers as well as the private sector and the government.

The introduction describes the collective learning approach adopted by the project to support stakeholders in the bamboo sector to co-develop sustainable value chains.

The four practical sections describe the methods and tools developed by the project:

  • experimentation of bamboo forest management techniques, defined and implemented by farmers and the National centre for forestry research;
  • support provided to farmers to prepare bamboo forest management plans;
  • annual monitoring of changes in the forest, implemented by farmers;
  • creation and training of bamboo farmers’ groups.

This guide highlights the challenges involved in implementing a collective learning process when developing value chains based on a sustainable and fairly shared natural resource.

Porbounmixaithor H., Huynh P., Herchuechang A., Saengmany B., Melki S., Community-based management of natural bamboo forests, Nogent-sur-Marne, Éditions du GRET, 2016, Practical guide, 364 pages

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