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Published on 08/12/2017

Video training to disseminate best agroecological practices

Since 2010, GRET and the Cambodian Institute for Research and Rural Development (Cird) are implementing the “Support for low-input intensive agriculture” project, which aims to increase income and improve living conditions for small farmers in the Siem Reap region in Cambodia. To do this, GRET provides support for the intensification and diversification of agriculture, and for the strengthening of producer groups.

In all, 2,654 farmers are participating in the activities developed as part of this project, particularly in training courses aimed at improving the dissemination of agricultural techniques. GRET delivers training on video filming and editing, which enables farmers to promote their work and their agricultural knowledge, and also to highlight their profession, facilitate exchanges between farmers and encourage the dissemination of agroecological practices.

To date, the most recent training course took place from 8 to 14 November. While previous courses were designed to produce technical videos explaining agroecological techniques to other farmers, the most recent one was more focused on the production of films for consumers and the general public. Following this course, the focus is now shifting to the most effective dissemination strategies, with a view to reaching a wider audience – in particular through social media and local screenings.

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