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Published on 08/02/2018

Better support for urban services operators in Myanmar

Urban services operators in approximately twenty Myanmar towns met to discuss solid waste management during a three-day seminar organised by GRET in Mandalay last October. The event, which brought together approximately one hundred participants, enabled operators to discuss common issues such as the lack of data on this service, funding difficulties and problems in terms of land availability.

This seminar was part of an overall programme to strengthen the capacities of Myanmar urban services operators, which GRET has been implementing since 2016 and which is funded by the French Embassy and the Institut français. At the operators’ request, this programme is today entering a more operational phase, thanks to the launch of the “Rosamur” project (Capacity-building project: Improving performances of basic services in Myanmar cities) operators of improved services in urban areas). This project aims to provide support and pilot investments for the town of Magway (75,000 inhabitants), located in the Dry Zone.

The local authority is the main stakeholder in the implementation of this integrated project focusing on water, sanitation and waste management. GRET provides technical assistance and coordinates sharing of experiences at national level. The first diagnostic phase began last September, and a first training session on sludge management was held in November in Magway, attended by approximately twenty enthusiastic local authority representatives.

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