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Published on 08/02/2018

Strengthening civil society organisations in the Delta region in Myanmar

On 15 December 2017, GRET held a regional workshop in Pathein, Myanmar, at the end of the first year of a project strengthening civil society by awarding grants.

This project, implemented by GRET with financial support from Lift, aims to strengthen civil society in eight townships in the Delta, thanks to the mobilisation and strengthening of the capacities of local civil society organisations (CSOs) by awarding them grants so that they can contribute to improving the livelihoods and resilience of rural households through effective and innovative action in the field. The objective is for these organisations to be capable, in the long term, of influencing public policies and encouraging the provision of funding for the poorest. The central element of the project is therefore to establish a sustainable grants system for CSOs in the Delta region. But there is also a focus on strengthening dialogue between civil society, the government and the private sector.

The objective of the workshop organised in December was to assess the project’s first year of activity, to propose avenues for improving the grants system and governance of the fund and to plan objectives and activities for 2018. 112 people actively participated in the event, including 75 members of CSOs in the Delta, 12 representatives from the regional government, 17 representatives from international and national NGOs and 8 representatives from the private sector.

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