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Published on 10/08/2018

A look back at the Mountain Futures international conference

© Gret

As part of its support for the emergence of a regional network for Agroecology Learning Alliance in South East Asia (Alisea), GRET participated in the “Mountain Futures” international conference co-organised by the World Agroforestry Center, the Kunming Institute of Botany-Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Global Land Programme in Kunming, China, from 4 to 8 June last. GRET presented two posters at the conference, produced through the work carried out on Alisea: a poster on innovations for marketing of agricultural products produced via agroecology, and another on how to change young people’s image of agriculture and increase their interest in agroecology.

GRET’s participation was also part of its involvement in the “Lao Uplands Initiative” between November 2017 and March 2018. This initiative, partly led by the French agricultural research and international cooperation organization (Cirad), aimed to capitalise on 10 years of work on the mountainous regions in the north of Laos and to draw up recommendations for the 10 years ahead. It also enabled the production of a set of graphic documents and a first collective publication.

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