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Published on 30/10/2018

Rural Networks in Cambodia

© Germain Priour

In September 2018, GRET initiated a new partnership with  CFI, the ministry of European and Foreign Affairs media operator. The partnership focuses on the implementation of the « rural connections » programme in Cambodia, which aims to strengthen provision of information to the population – in particular young people – on agriculture and sustainable development, by consolidating the skills of journalists and journalism students and facilitating the production and distribution of content, in particular via radio channels, online videos and social media.

Improved, better quality information will make it possible to give young people in rural areas prospects in their community, in particular through highlighting of emerging agroecology initiatives that are promising in terms of income, health and autonomy. This collaboration is part of continued activities undertaken by GRET and Mediaseeds for the promotion and dissemination of agroecological practices through training of farmers to produce videos. It seems important to us to develop more actions aimed at young farmers.

More information on the programme