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Published on 10/12/2018

GRET is conducting a study to facilitate access to water in Cambodia

Station d'eau potable au Cambodge.

Since June 2018, GRET has been coordinating a study for the World Bank and the Ministry of Industry and Crafts in Cambodia, aimed at producing provincial investment plans. The objective is to facilitate and promote the water supply network in the provinces of Siem Reap and Prey Veng.

The first stage, which has now been completed, focused on understanding the gaps between water requirements and the situation on the ground. It will serve as the basis for estimating investments necessary to maximise the rate of homes with access to a water supply network via extension of existing networks or creation of new ones.

Facilitating the development of public-private partnerships

Numerous 100% private water supply services have been developed in these two Cambodian provinces. A phenomenon that has not met requirements expressed in terms of access rates. To work towards meeting these objectives, public-private partnerships mobilising public grants should be initiated in parallel.

On 15 November last, initial planning results for Siem Reap were presented during a workshop organised in the provincial capital. An analysis of the current situation, a proposal for villages to be grouped together in sites and the estimated price necessary to significantly increase coverage were all discussed. Stakeholders from the sector were present: line ministries, provincial and communal authorities and NGOs active in the province. Comments expressed at the event will be used to review site groupings and refine the model. An identical workshop is also scheduled to take place in Prey Veng province in December 2018.

The aim of this study is to identify public investment amounts and procedures that will make it possible, through leverage, to maximise local private investment in water supply services so that a greater number of Cambodians can have access to water in their homes.

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