Accueil » Myanmar farmers meet stakeholders from the bamboo sector in Laos
Published on 10/04/2019

Myanmar farmers meet stakeholders from the bamboo sector in Laos

Since 2006, GRET has been supporting Corad, an agricultural and rural development NGO. Legally recognised in 2016, this Myanmar NGO works in the North of Chin State. This inter-NGO partnership illustrates GRET’s commitment in favour of the emergence of local NGOs working in agricultural and economic development.
Together, the two NGOs are working in particular on the project entitled Promoting diversification of agriculture and economic inclusion in the North of Chin State (in french), funded by LIFT and being conducted since 2016. GRET and Corad are working in this State amid a context of strong economic growth. However, farmers are faced with numerous challenges in the villages of this region, such as the improvement of crop techniques, irregularity in quality of products, isolation from markets, a deficiency in road infrastructures, etc. The two partners are working to solve these problems.

With solid experience supporting family farms, Corad began working on the development of value chains (onion, vine, yam) by supporting the improvement of local production in order to satisfy market demands. In Parallel, the NGO is strengthening relationships between stakeholders in the sector. GRET is in turn supporting Corad with strategic and operational aspects, enabling joint learning on the development of value chains in Myanmar.

From 26 to 28 February last, seven representatives from Corad and GRET, together with groups of farmers from the Chin region, visited the project for the development of bamboo and rattan value chains being conducted by GRET and BNDA (Bamboo Non-Timber Forest Products Development Association – a local association) in the province of Houaphanh in Laos. This visit made it possible for the farmers from Myanmar to meet the various stakeholders in the sector, from production through to marketing. In addition, these farmers met with representatives from public institutions, enabling them to increase their knowledge of the multi-stakeholder approach.

Apart from strengthening the capacities of beneficiaries, this exchange visit strengthened the learning process between peers and the long-term relationship between GRET and its local partner, Corad.

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