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Published on 17/12/2019

Developing local skills via the Water for All Masters Degree

The Water for All Masters Degree, proposed by AgroParisTech since 2009, aims to strengthen management skills among executives working in urban water and sanitation services in emerging and developing countries. Since the degree was set up, experts from GRET’s drinking water, sanitation and waste management team have been contributing to two of its modules: one on sanitation (conducted with pS-Eau), the other on access to essential services and partnership dialogue (conducted with a team from the Suez sustainable development department).

This year, approximately forty people from a broad variety of countries and institutions were studying for this Masters: from the Central African water supply company (SODECA) to the city of Chongqing in China, via the National water fund in Chad and the Ministry of Public Works and Transport in Cambodia. The differences between levels of development in these countries requires a particular effort on the trainers’ part to provide content likely to be of interest to everyone. However, this diversity is a source of richness, generating cross-questioning between the various contexts, some surprise and certain differences in viewpoints. The latter are all sources of learning, including for the trainers!

GRET’s last contribution for the 2019-2020 academic year took place in November. It enabled students to make progress on simplified action plans aimed at improving or maintaining access for vulnerable populations to water and sanitation services. These action plans were organisational, but also individual, so that students could identify levers they could put into action on returning to their respective services.