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Published on 19/03/2020

Coronavirus – In France and in its representation countries, GRET is adapting

The Covid-19 pandemic is generating upheaval in our societies. Faced with this crisis of exceptional magnitude, GRET is scrupulously monitoring instructions and guidelines given by governments, both at headquarters, in France, and in its various representation countries. 

Since Tuesdaystaff in mainland France are working from homeand all professional travel has been postponedMeasures have also been taken in all the countries in which we work. These measures were taken according to the progression of the epidemicto minimize risks as much as possible and ensure, as far as possible, continuity of our activities. Becauseas underlined by our Chairperson Henry de Cazotteour most vulnerable partners – whom we are not hearing much about – will also be affected over the long term in their healthcare systemstheir economies, their projects and their societiesOur interconnected world must react collectively and must show solidarity now more than ever”. 

In these circumstances, GRET will be listening attentively to its partners and reassuring them of its support and commitment.   


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 The correct actions to adopt 

  • Wash your hands 
  • Avoid touching your face 
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow 
  • Use single-use disposable handkerchiefs and bin them after use 
  • Respect safety distances between you and others and stay at home when requested