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Published on 18/12/2020

Training with GRET on non-collective sanitation in Burkina Faso

Since September 2020, the International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering  (2iE) in Ouagadougou has been providing new training to a class of 19 students: a Master’s degree specialising in Non-collective sanitation (NCS), which can be awarded through a certificate of specialised studies, or a certificate of skill for learners wishing to take a limited number of modules.

The objective is to train technicians and executives in the technological, socio-cultural, governance, funding and leadership aspects of non-collective sanitation. Students will receive training on advocacy, design and implementation of actions necessary for greater consideration of NCS in countries’ policies, institutional and regulatory frameworks, cities’ development plans, and local communities’ programmes and projects.

GRET is contributing to this training, in particular with Laurent Sinaré, sanitation technical assistant with GRET’s representative office in Burkina Faso, and Marion Santi, sanitation projects manager at GRET headquarters in Paris. Their interventions will take place in situ or via videoconference, according to the contributor’s geographic location, and will cover four subjects in particular: sanitation blocks and community toilets (class in early December), NCA funding opportunities and mechanisms, project preparation, and monitoring and evaluation. The content of the interventions will draw on GRET’s expertise, and on various case studies from other development organisations.


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