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Published on 15/03/2021

Capitalisation | The specificities of access to energy in developing countries

The  Coordination SUD Climate and development commission brings member organisations, including GRET, together to share their experiences in the field and exchange best practices in various subject areas. Among the subjects covered by these capitalisation workshops was inclusion of the environment and climate change in the deployment of sustainable solutions for access to energy in developing countries.

These types of projects are complex because they involve diverse stakeholders (public sector, private sector and beneficiaries) and cover various dimensions (technical, economic or governance issues). These are numerous challenges to be met for full appropriation of the project by beneficiaries when the organisation leading it leaves the field.

Although the risks relating to climate hazards and populations’ vulnerability are analysed, the impact of actions conducted (on the environment and the climate) is just as important and is not systematically measured. A territorial approach enables better understanding of projects’ environmental impacts and analysis of the extent to which an NGO’s action is in line with a local and then global transition strategy.

This publication highlights the findings of the NGOs that participated in the workshop via their experiences and proposes best practices for inclusion of climate issues in a project focusing on access to energy.

Download the publication here (in French)