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On March 4, 2012, three munitions depots exploded in Brazzaville killing 220 people, wounding 2,300, and leaving 14,000 homeless. The disaster revealed governance and resource management difficulties in the country. It sped up the establishment of the national development plan adopted at the end of the year, in which civil society actors were little involved. The economic situation in Congo remained stable compared to 2011, with growth attaining 8%. The year 2012 marked the end of projects financed by the 10th EDF and the launch of the 11th.

In 2012, GRET ended its support to the CCOD and launched phase two of the Community and Associative Microprojects in Brazzaville project  (MICAB II). GRET’s branch office in Brazzaville grew with new local staff and two expatriates.



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  • Institutions publiques et collectivités locales : Communes de Brazzaville et de Dolisie.
  • ONG : Association d’appui aux initiatives de santé communautaire (AAISC), Conseil de concertation des ONG de développement (CCOD).



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