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In 2012, GRET stepped up its agricultural development activities in DRC. In Boma, road infrastructures (roads, bridges, culverts) opened access to a high-potential agricultural zone, a necessary condition for development and the success of future support. In Katanga, a wealthy mining province where agriculture has largely been neglected, a new project plans the creation of 2,000 hectares of agroforest by 2017, for the benefit of 150 farming households and the Centre Promotionnel du Paysannat, a local association born from a very dynamic agricultural cooperative.

In a tense post-election year, GRET also finalized media support and democracy building projects in Katanga and Kasaï-Occidental Provinces.


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Opérateurs/ONG/Bureaux d’études

Caritas développement Boma, Centre promotionnel du paysannat (CPP), Nature+ (Belgique)

Organismes professionnelles, groupements, organisations paysannes

Réseau des journalistes formateurs, Journalistes en danger, Maison de la presse de Kananga


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