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In 2012, GRET continued its agricultural development activities improving the food security of populations in southern Madagascar and natural resource management around Mananara Nord National Park. Its efforts to combat malnutrition entered a new phase on September 26, 2012, with the founding general assembly for the social company Nutri’Zaza ensuring the sustainability of the network of restaurants for babies set up as part of the NutriMad project.

In 2012, GRET began crosscutting reflections on complementary currencies and their use within these projects in Madagascar. Finally, it took part in organizing the science month on energy at the Institut Français de Madagascar.


Teaching / Resarch

Université d’Antananarivo et son laboratoire appliqué à la science des aliments (Labasan), IRD, Institut national de santé publique et communautaire  (INSPC), Institut supérieur de technologie (IST), Centre national de l’eau, de l’assainissement et du génie rural (CNEAGR), Ecole polytechnique d’Antananarivo

Public Institutions and Local Authorities

Comité national de Nutrition (CNN), Office National de Nutrition (ONN), Agence de développement de l’électrification rurale (Ader), Ministères malgaches de la Santé, de l’eau, de l’Energie et de l’Agriculture.

Operators / NGOs / Consulting Firms

Association socio-sanitaire organisation de secours (Asos), Tsiatava, Frères Saint Gabriel (FSG), Taratra, Groupe sur le Semis Direct (GSDM), Ampela Mitraoke, Saf FJKM, AMF,  Soleil du Monde, ADM, Miray, Sentinelle, Water Aid, Energy assistance, Aquassistance, Interaide, Appel, WWF, WCS, Kere, Handicap International

Professional Organisations, Groupings, Farmer's Organisations 

Comité national malgache Water Sanitation, Cluster Nutrition, Groupe des ONG Santé,


Taf, Suez Environnement, Orange, Cartier Charitable Foundation.