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GRET has been active in Mali on an occasional basis since 1990 in several fields of work: agricultural development, land tenure and vocational training. In 2010, GRET conducted two projects there.

Through a vast consultation system covering the key actors and institutions on the commune, regional, national and sub-regional scales that is fed by research in two communes in each country, the Negos-NRM project aims to test, validate and disseminate operational methods to support the emergence of decentralized and negotiated land and natural resource management rules. Its action-research process brings together six West African partners—one research laboratory and one development practitioner in each of the three countries (Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal). In Mali, it covers the communes of Koury and Yorosso (Yorosso Circle). It is conducted in partnership with the Association Malienne d’Éveil au Développement Durable (AMEDD) and the Groupe d’Études et de Recherche en Sociologie et Droit Appliqué (GERSDA).

Since early 2010, GRET has been active in the field of nutrition in Mali, in the form of support missions to the Misola association that produces infant formula. These missions focus primarily on optimizing production (in particular quality management) and distribution, and on product promotion. This activity is possible thanks to funding from the European Union’s Food Facility, in partnership with the association Afrique Verte.


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