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In Senegal, the year 2012 was marked by presidential elections following an animated electoral race. Many demonstrations were held before the election itself, showing the strength of Senegalese civil society’s mobilization. The two-round voting ultimately took place in an atmosphere of calm, and the outgoing president was replaced by his former prime minister.

GRET focused its actions in the Senegal River area, with two projects in the Saint Louis region and two others in the municipalities of Ourossogui (Matam region) and Diawara (Tambacounda region). GRET’s local hires rose from four to ten people, and its partnerships became more diverse, notably with local governments (regional councils, inter-municipal bodies, municipalities).



Cirad, Isra, Ipar, IRD, Ifpri

Institutions publiques et collectivités locales

Conseil Régional de St-Louis, Groupement d’intérêt communautaire du Département de Dagana (GIC Dagana), Agence régionale de Développement de St-Louis (ARD St-Louis), Agence régionale de Développement de Tambacounda (ARD Tamba) Agence régionale de Développement de Matam (ARD Matam) Commune d’Ourossogui, Commune de Diawara, Ministère de l’Elevage

Opérateurs/ONG/Bureaux d’études
Enda Graf Sahel et Afrique de l’Ouest, Asodia, Le Partenariat.

Organismes professionnelles, groupements, organisations paysannes

Fédération des ONG du Sénégal (Fongs, coalition paysanne), Association pour la promotion de l’élevage en savane et au sahel (Apess)

Collectifs et Réseaux

Plate-forme des ONG européennes, Collectif des ONG de Développement (Congad)


Laiterie du Berger


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