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GRET has been working in Cambodia since 1988 to improve access to basic services, social health protection and effective sanitation and water systems in small towns and rural areas. It also supports small farmers while promoting agroecology.
In Cambodia, 80% of the population lives in the countryside. Poverty reduction and human development, particularly in the areas of health and education, remain an important chal-lenge. As part of the Cambodia Millennium Development Goals, the percentage of the popu-lation living below the national poverty line was reduced from 50 % in 2003 to 14 % in 2017, and continues to decrease.
Despite this promising trend, the majority of people only escaped poverty by a small margin and a significant proportion of people are near-poor. Only 21% of the population has access to a drinking water network, of which 7% in rural areas.
GRET, in cooperation with populations, provides sustainable and innovative answers to fight poverty in Cambodia, focusing on rural areas. At national level GRET improves health con-ditions by facilitating access to piped water and sanitation through its drinking water and sanitation programmes. It also provides technical assistance to small water and electricity private operators to help them expand networks and reach small towns and rural areas.
GRET increases small-scale farmers’ incomes by improving their crop yield and providing access to agricultural water. It raises the added value of products by developing a geographic labelling approach and provides credit services to encourage farmers to invest. By promoting agroecology, GRET also contributes to protecting the environment.
At regional level, it protects the right of indigenous communities while contributing to find-ing solutions to land conflicts and helping smallholders to legally own land.

Public institutions and local authorities
CG92, Cird and Siem Reap department of agriculture, FTB, MME, MIH, EAC, AFD, EU, ADB, World Bank, Cambodian ministries and provincial services for Water resources and Agriculture, NSSF, AusAid, ISC
Operators, NGO and design offices
AusAid, Thrive Network, See/Saw, CWA, REA, Unicef, SCP, Helen Keller Int, FWUC, FWN, Cirad
Companies and foundations
Find, Louis Dreyfus Foundation, Isea, Artelia, Stone family foundation, Egis, Sofreco

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