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Laos is continuing to expand its trade openness (entry into the WTO in January 2013) and its accessibility strategy to leave behind its status of isolated country and attract foreign investors (mining, hydroelectricity, plantations). On the international political scene, Laos hosted the 9th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) with the slogan of “Friends for Peace, Partners for Prosperity.” A few weeks previously, the emerging civil society was authorized to organize the Asia-Europe People’s Forum (AEPF) with a slogan different from that of the official summit: “People’s Solidarity against Poverty and for Sustainable Development: Challenging Unjust and Unequal Development, Building States of Citizens for Citizens”—perhaps a first step toward giving civil society a larger role.

In 2012, GRET notably extended two drinking water supply support projects (MIREP for four years, and MADEVIE for one year).


  • Community-based management of natural bamboo forests

    | Gret | 2017 | Guide pratique | 29

    This practical guide is written based on the experience of a six-years project, conducted with the support of GRET in the northern mountains of Houaphan province, Lao PDR, in close with the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Forestry. ...

  • This paper aims to provide keys that will help us understand contemporary land dynamics in these four countries. In order to do so it highlights their similarities and differences, both in the long history that shaped today’s ...

  • Sustainable bamboo & rattan supply chain development

    B. Phachomphonh ; M. Greijmans ; J.F. Kibler | Gret | 2012/09 | Politiques et Pratiques de développement | 8

    Forests form a vital ecosystem that provides multiple services. Lao PDR still harbours 9.7 million ha (source FS2020) of natural forest, containing a rich biodiversity. The key riches of the Lao forest are reflected in the high diversity ...

  • A l’occasion du 6e Forum mondial de l’eau de Marseille en 2012, ce DVD rassemble la documentation issue de 30 ans d’expérience du Gret sur les différents usages de l’eau (références bibliographiques, capitalisations de projets, guides, vidéos, outils ...

  • Water and sanitation services, which qualify as essential public services, need to be regulated from an economic, environmental and public health standpoint. AFD, within the framework of its research program on PPPs, has worked on theoretical approaches and ...


Centre de recherche forestier de l’Institut national de recherche sur l’agriculture et les forêts (FRC/NAFRI).

Institutions publiques et collectivités locales

Ministère de la Santé, Ministère des travaux publics et des transports, Département de l’Habitat et de la Planification Urbaine (DHPU), Agence de régulation de l’eau potable (Arep) et division de l’Eau potable, Province de Houaphanh, Province de Khammouane, Province de Vientiane, Province de Bolikhamxay, Province de Sayabouri, Capitale Vientiane, Société des Eaux de la capitale de Vientiane (NamPapa Nakhone Luang - NPNL).

Opérateurs/ONG/Bureaux d’études

Croix Rouge suisse, Lao Consulting Group (LCG), Bureau d’études Lao (BEL), SNV Netherlands Development Organization, Tétraktys, Energie Sans Frontière, Aquassistance
Collectifs et Réseaux
INGO Forum (60 ONG internationales intervenant au Laos), sous-groupes de travail (technical working group) dans les secteurs de la santé, de l’eau (Lao WASH TWG), et des questions foncières