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About Us

GRET is an international development NGO governed by French law. Since 1976 it has been working to provide sustainable, innovative responses to the challenges of poverty and inequalities.

It is also a professional and innovative NGO, in its vision of the development sector, in its approach involving populations in developing countries, whom it considers as stakeholders in development, and in its practices. To successfully implement its actions, GRET creates alliances and builds diverse long-term partnerships with stakeholders from associations and the economic, public and research sectors in France and in all its countries of operation.

For more than 40 years, GRET has been striving to contribute to the creation of a fairer and more sustainable world. Today it is a solid, international, decentralised, plural, influential organisation in which countries of operation and headquarters form a sustainable community of meaning, values and rules.

In 2020, its staff of 709 professionals implemented 224 projects, studies and expert consulting missions in 28 countries, mainly in Africa and South-East Asia.


A Professional NGO

  • In its vision of development: Because the struggle against poverty and inequalities requires the best skills, GRET defends a professional approach to development and enriches the sector with knowledge and innovative solutions.
  • In the involvement of developing country populations: GRET does not do charity; it believes that developing country people are citizen actors in their development. It therefore acts with them, favoring the dignity of citizenship over hand outs, capacity building over substitution, contribution to public policy over recycled unsuitable models, and working with the economic sector over sterile opposition.
  • In its practices: GRET has the experience and references necessary to conduct its development actions properly. It places particular importance on transparency and seriousness in management, a mark of confidence for its partners around the world and its public (European Union, AFD, government authorities and international organizations), associative and company donors.

 A Development NGO

Acting for development requires a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach. For this reason, GRET acts:

Labels and certifications

GRET has been recognised as a public interest association since 2010. It has held socially responsible
company status since 2018.
Since December 2017, GRET has been officially considered as a public charity by the American government.