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As a stakeholder in the social and solidarity economy, GRET sets itself standards in terms of transparency and internal democracy. Its orientations are defined by the General Assembly, which takes place twice a year.

In 2020, 206 people (121 men and 85 women) of 15 different nationalities were members of GRET. The following countries were represented: Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Congo, France, Haiti, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Myanmar, Niger, Senegal and Vietnam.

The Management Board, of which the chairperson is elected for a renewable three-year mandate, is made up of staff representatives and development experts. GRET works under the operational responsibility of a Managing Director, elected for a three-year mandate that can be renewed once.

In 2021, Henri de Cazotte is the chairperson and Luc Arnaud is the managing director.

In Haiti, GRET benefits from the support of a strategic committee made up of former GRET managers and representatives, academics, partners and advisors.

Membership of the Management Board

Under the chairmanship of Henry De Cazotte, a former communication director at AFD, the members of the Management Board are:

External administrators:

  • Xavier Benoist (Former Deputy managing director of the Pact-Arim Federation)
  • Aude Flogny (Director of Investment Management Department at AFD, committed to GRET’s Board of Directors in a personal capacity)
  • Daniel Henrys (Independent public health consultant in Haiti/former minister of Public Health in Haiti)
  • Pierre Jacquemot (Former French ambassador)
  • Chantal Monvois (Maitre es-physiologie, Director of Partnerships, General Delegate of the Foundation and Director of the social openness mission at AgroParisTech)
  • Bérangère Quincy (Former French ambassador, committed to GRET’s Board of Directors in a personal capacity)
  • Cécile Sportis (Director of CS Consulting, committed to GRET’s Board of Directors in a personal capacity)
  • Iharizaka Rahaingoson (Company manager, committed to GRET’s Board of Directors in a personal capacity)

Elected staff representative administrators:

  • Juliette Darlu, Energy project manager at headquarters
  • Iba Mar Faye, Agriculture projects manager in Senegal
  • Damien Lagandré, Aagriculture projects manager at headquarters
  • Sophie Lerouvillois, HR/Payroll Manager at headquarters


  • Alain Billand, former managing director of Cirad
  • Loui Pautrizel, agriculture projects manager at GRET
  • Henri Rouillé d’Orfeuil, agronomist, founding member of GRET.

Participation in governance of partner structures

GRET also contributes to the governance of partner structures:


Henry de Cazotte (GRET’s chairperson)
An agronomist who graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and the ESSEC Business School in France, Henry de Cazotte retired from the Agence française de développement in 2017, where he held several management positions. In recent years, he had worked on the coordination of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable development (Rio+20), as inter-ministerial coordinator for the post-2015 development agenda negotiations and the Sustainable development goals, the Addis-Ababa Conference on Financing for Development, and he was the special representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development for the Habitat III conference. He is the author of the report entitled “Seeking Agreement on Official Development Assistance” (AFD, 2018), which paves the way for national agreement in France on development assistance.

Luc Arnaud (managing director of GRET)
An agricultural techniques engineer from Bordeaux, has been working with GRET for almost 30 years. Since 2001, he held the position of GRET’s representative in Madagascar, a position he had previously held in Mauritania for ten years. Before joining the NGO, Luc Arnaud practised various professions: teacher in an agricultural high school in Vendôme, volunteer for a development project in Somalia, and technical assistant for the German development cooperation agency in Sudan.