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GRET mobilizes the skills of its committed professional teams and has the experience and references necessary to properly conduct its development missions. GRET:

  • Designs and implements field projects: Innovative project implementer, it acts as delegated contract manager and contracting authority. It provides the technical, methodological and managerial support necessary for proper operations, and shares its know-how.
  • Provides expertise: It conducts and shares crucial expertise in a wide range of areas—“projects and organization” (feasibility, monitoring, assessment, institutional support, etc.), “policy” (development policy definition support, etc.), and “scientific knowledge” (economics, engineering, agronomy, hygiene, etc.)—based on the results of applied research, experience and excellent knowledge of the field.
  • Runs networks and defends ideas: It networks expert actors and researchers, it speaks in international forums, and advocates strongly in favor of sustainable development, providing a unique contribution thanks to its dual roots in the field and in policy.
  • Produces and disseminates references: It analyzes and documents its own development experiences, taking an objective look at its practices, and learns lessons from them to improve its modes of intervention and disseminate knowledge, know-how and methods that have been tested and improved in the field.