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Since its creation, GRET has produced and disseminated knowledge and methodological references for action that are based on its practices and in partnership with research organizations and NGOs.

One of GRET’s ambitions is to be a bridge between research and international development by fostering synergies and reciprocal learning. Accordingly, it participates in research programs for development involving multiple partners, research organizations in developed and developing countries, development NGOs and local organizations.

Producer and distributor of development knowledge, GRET takes a particular interest in innovation processes that integrate technical, social and institutional innovations. Based on its practical experience, it produces and disseminates ideas, technical and socioeconomic knowledge, know-how, and methods that have been tested, evaluated and improved in the field.

It places particular emphasis on analyzing, documenting, publishing and discussing experience. It produces, publishes and makes available reference documents for all development actors: technical works, methodology papers, experience analyses, evaluations, impact assessments, and thematic studies. GRET’s scientific directorate is in charge of running and steering these activities.

GRET’s experts are mobilized to analyze and document experiences, publish articles and books, and participate in research and collegial expertise activities, in conjunction with other research and development actors. Gret also provide support for doctoral theses.