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Running Networks

GRET supports and runs numerous thematic and collective expertise networks that allow for the exchange of experience and knowledge and in so doing contributes to discussions on public development policies and their elaboration.

Coordination SUD

GRET runs 3 workgroups in Coordination SUD’s coalition :

Operational Food Security Network (ROSA)

For three years, GRET has run a thematic network on food security that was set up in 2007 at the initiative of the European Commission. This arena for information and exchange aims to improve coordination, pool knowledge, and analyze and document the experiences of the Commission and its partners. In this way, it contributes to the formulation and implementation of the European Commission’s food security policy. ROSA provides information and analyses on issues relating to food security. The network elaborates and distributes monthly publications (ROSA Newsletters). Its extranet site (reserved for members) centralizes documentary resources and offers news notably on the Commission’s initiatives in this field. The network fosters discussion among members through discussion forums and other tools encouraging interactivity.

 Assistance Elaborating Land Policies

Since 2006, GRET has run the Technical Committee on Land Tenure, a reflection and exchange group that unites specialists in different disciplines and with varied skills under the auspices of the AFD and the MAEE, and the French-language Internet portal In terms of knowledge production, the year was marked by the publication of pedagogical factsheets on land tenure, a paper analyzing large-scale land grabbing, and reports produced for the “research” component of the project. It was also the occasion to assess the activities initiated in the first phase of the project (2006-2010) and prepare for the next phase (2011-2013).


Since 1999, GRET has run the Espacefinance discussion list, in partnership with CIRAD. In partnership with ADA, a Luxembourg NGO, GRET has run the French-language microfinance portal since 2005 ( Annual financing in the amount of €100 thousand is provided by a consortium of donors.

 Business Development Services

Since 2001, GRET has elaborated and distributed the journal L’actualité des Services aux entreprises (BDS News), which aims to provide French-speaking readers with a summary of what is being done about and written on the issue of business development services, and a monthly news bulletin entitled Les brèves. The journal, distributed to a readership of more than 1,500 by Internet, is available on the AFD’s and GRET’s websites. In 2010, GRET published a two issues of the journal and a special issue on employment and entrepreneurship among young people. Annual funding, in the amount of €52 thousand in 2010, is provided by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

 International Network for Access to Sustainable Energies, RIAED

Since 2006, GRET has run the RIAED network. Its objective is to build the capacities and know-how of French-speaking experts working in the field of access to energy in the electrification and domestic fuel sectors. Its website ( offers news, documents, working groups, a forum, and a directory.