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  • Rural Networks in Cambodia

    In September 2018, GRET initiated a new partnership with  CFI, the ministry of European and Foreign Affairs media operator. The [Lire la suite]

  • The GRET 2016 annual report is now on line

    This year, as usual, the GRET annual report gives an account of actions and work conducted during the past year. [Lire la suite]

  • Journalisme radio

    Conseils pour la pratique en Afrique Subsaharienne

    François Pascal Mbumba Mpanzu | Gret | 2015/12 | Guide pratique | 26

    Préparer une émission de radio, rechercher l’info pertinente, savoir la traiter et la mettre en forme dans le respect des règles de la profession, afin d’attirer l’attention de son auditoire et de l’informer au plus près de sa ...

  • LGBTI Rights in the Great Lakes Region of Africa

    GRET’s partners in Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) working to defend LGBTI (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, [Lire la suite]

  • Altermondes: citizen media and very first press SCIC

    On 18 September 2014 the Altermondes magazine launched its new 3-monthly edition at newsstands and on its Internet site [Lire la suite]

  • The Media and Elections in Cameroon

    For 18 months, GRET worked with Cameroonian actors in the political sphere, the media and civil society in the context [Lire la suite]

  • French media assistance : developing tailor-made regional cooperation strategies

    Florence Minery | Catholic Media Council (CAMECO) | 2011

    Since the end of the Cold War, the international development community has dedicated considerable human and financial resources towards strengthening independent and professional journalism in transitional and (post)conflict countries. The symposium "Fourth Estate" in Democracy Assistance: Practices and ...

  • Atelier de réflexion sur le thème Liberté d’expression et information politique

    Les rôles, droits et devoirs des médias, d'une part, des autorités provinciales et nationales d'autre part, 13 au 15 avril 2011, à Thabor, Kananga - Synthèse des travaux

    Gret, préface par Florence Minery | Gret | 2011

    Cette publication reprend la synthèse des travaux qui se sont déroulés dans le cadre d'une atelier de réflexion organisé à Kananga, province du Kasaï Occidental du 13 au 15 avril 2011. Cet atelier a réuni journalistes et acteurs ...

  • In the framework of the “Support Project to Increase Professionalism and Structure in Chad Media”, GRET has been entrusted with organising three national information and awareness-raising workshops on the relations between journalists, civil and military  ...