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Philanthropy, economy and politics

The 26/09/2018

The next session of the 2018 cycle of the “Philanthropy, economics and politics” seminar will take place on 26 September from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Fondation de France, 40 avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris, France.

The subject of the session will be “Evaluation of impact in philanthropy – which approaches for which objectives? What role can the SDGs play in evaluation approaches?”

Forthcoming sessions:

  • Wednesday 17 October: Philanthropy and inequalities
  • Wednesday 14 November: Concluding session on the relationship between philanthropy and capitalism
    “Has philanthropy made a niche for itself in our economic and political system, or can it contribute to changing the system/have a systemic impact?

The 2018 cycle follows on from a series of seminars that were held between 2015 and 2017, exploring relationships between philanthropic practices and the economic and political system in which we live. A book produced following the first two cycles of the seminar is currently available for purchase:  “La philanthropie peut-elle changer le capitalisme ?” (“Can philanthropy change capitalism?”) by Marc Lévy, former director of forward planning at GRET and organiser of the seminar.

Get the book (In French)