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GRET lunchtime Bistr0 on Inclusive finance

The 11/02/2020

In the space of several years, the microfinance sector has undergone unprecedented expansion and change, to which a large number of stakeholders have contributed: investment funds, payment networks, insurance companies, mobile network operators, etc. Given these evolutions, ISO have had to renew themselves by developing new skills and working methods.

What a re the trends and challenges for funding of the sector and inclusive finance? What are the opportunities for ISO and their advantages to contribute to development of microfinance in this changing ecosystem? How to adapt ISO’s modes of operations?

This lunch time BistrO session will address these questions by presenting feedback on discussions held at a day of reflection organised at GRET with specialised stakeholders from the sector. It will take things beyond the subject of microfinance, by presenting a forecasting method known as the Delphi method, used to inform our reflections on inclusive finance. This method combines external expertise on contextual analysis, benchmarking among peers and the development of forecasting scenarios debated by peers.

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The lecture will take place on Tuesday 11th february 2020 from 12.30 pm to 2.00 pm in the lecture hall in building 1 at the Sustainable Development Campus. It will be co-facilitated by Elodie Gouillat and Rodolphe Carlier, programme managers with GRET.

You can register by contacting Caroline Baud,