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COP21: Climate and Food Security

Food Security: The Forgotten Phenomenon In The Negotiations…But Not By Economic Interests 

Although the impact of climate disruption on food security has been known for a long time, the term “food security” was only introduced into the text of the negotiations at the beginning of this year. In 2014 an alliance was set up with this issue as its focal point: the GASCA (Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture). GRET, alongside other international civil society movements, rallied against this forum set up parallel to the legitimate body which is the United Nations Organisation, which brings together various stakeholders and is dominated by private interests. The definition of climate-smart agriculture (CSA) is sufficiently vague to include production models with negative social and environmental impacts, especially biotechnology solutions with the potential to harm development.
GRET is promoting agroecology to serve its goals of reducing emissions and helping commu-nities to adapt to climate disruption. It has been experimenting this solution for the last ten years in the dry areas of Myanmar (known as the Dry Zone) and Madagascar (Androy). Re-storing the soil’s organic matter, using fewer chemical inputs and using the potential of the ecosystem has a remarkable effect on food security. GRET defends a modern-day vision of agroecology, advocates the inclusion of its principles into CSA and the INDCs of those countries fallen victim to food insecurity.

See the solution developed by GRET Climate and Food Security: Agro-Ecology’s Contribution

See GRET’s position (French version, English version coming soon)

Please find here the Gret expertise on agroecology: L’apport de l’agroécologie en zones sèches (French version)

Interview of Laurent Levard, Agriculture expert with GRET:

Within the context of the Désertif’actions campaign, GRET is conducting this advocacy in tandem with Coordination SUD (C2A), whose agroecology referent is GRET.

Hear GRET at Cop 21 (Le Bourget) on the subject of agro-ecology and climate:

  • Wednesday 2 December from 1 pm to 3 pm during a Side event in the blue zone (access with accreditation) organised by AVSF, ACF, Agrisud, Care, Cari, CCFD, GRET, Peuples solidaires and SCCF1 on “Agro-ecology as a viable solution to create climate resilience”
  • Wednesday 2 December from 1.30 pm to 3 pm during a side event at the Climate generations area organised by Cirad and Inra on “the challenges of global food security”
  • Wednesday 2 December at 10.30 am at the Coordination SUD stand (Climate generations area), for a morning of discussions on agro-ecology and the challenges of climate change for agriculture
  • Friday 4 December from 9.15 am to 10.40 am for a high level Panel at the OECD Pavilion, organised by PFE, AFD, City of Paris, GRET, and the Rhone-Mediterranean & Corsica Water Agency on “The definition of actions for adaptation to climate change in the domain of water”

Expert: Laurent Levard, agriculture expert with GRET

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