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COP 21: Climate and Towns

Rethinking Urbanisation on a Regional Scale 

GRET has been working towards the urban, economic and social integration of makeshift neighbourhoods for the last 25 years. Its projects and expert appraisals promote an inclusive type of urban development which takes into account the constraints of climate disruption. Its priority is to favour adaptation by reducing the vulnerability of urban communities through access to housing, essential services (drinking water, sanitation, energy, waste), open public spaces and public amenities.
In particular, GRET assists with urban foresight and planning exercises, supports multiple-player participatory approaches (social support, dialogue and consultation) as well strengthening the role and stature of the players, seen as key factors in building up and making a success of local climate-compatible public policies since they imply the involvement of – and appropriation by – all the players.

See GRET’s position: Cities Fighting Against Climate Change

Interview of Renaud Colombier, Urban Development Expert with GRET:


GRET is contributing to the French position on towns/cities and climate from inside the Partenariat français pour la ville et les territoires (PFVT), and is looking at the future sustainable town/city alongside the Groupe Initiatives.

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