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COP 21: Climate and Energy

Electricity or Biomass: Opportunities Offered By Renewable Energies

While energy access has not been heralded as a priority of the development policies promoted by governments and the main funding donors over the last 20 years, renewable energies’ development is at the heart of the strategies to curb climate change, by cutting down on deforestation, replacing fossil fuels and providing access to electricity to communities still without. Under the umbrella of the Green Fund, the Initiative for the Electrification of Africa intends to catalyse public and private funding to electrify the continent by 2025. GRET is already in action and points out that this electrification must bring local community bodies and organisations fully on board.

GRET has been developing renewable energy solutions in Madagascar and Mauritania for 10 years (recycling typha as an alternative to deforestation, introducing hydroelectricity and multifunctional solar platforms). Preserving and recycling natural resources is a precondition to setting up renewable energy solutions.

See GRET’s position: Building Balanced Stakeholder Coalitions for Rural Electrification

See one of GRET’s solutions to meet the energy challenge: Typha of course: Turning an Invasive Plant into Energy and Providing an Alternative to Deforestation

Interview of Minh Cuong Le Quan, Energy Expert with GRET:

To conduct this advocacy, GRET is teaming up with Coordination SUD (Climate and Development Commission) and three partner NGOs (Education Without Borders, Energies For The World and the GERES [Group for the Environment, Renewable Energy and Solidarity]).

Hear GRET at Cop 21 on the subject of energy and climate:

  • Friday 27 November 2015 during the Coordination SUD press conference on the challenges of climate for energy, with Samassa Nalla, GRET’s representative in Mauritania.
  • Tuesday 1st December at 9.15 am during a side event organised by GRET, Geres, AVSF, Goodplanet and Etc Terra at the Coordination SUD stand (Climate Generation in Le Bourget) on the distribution of domestic cooking equipment in Mali
  • Wednesday 2 December at 1.45 pm during a side event organised by ESF, GRET, Ps-Eau and Eau vive at the Climate Generation area in Le Bourget on “Energy and water: two complementary vectors for development and adaptation to climate change”
  • Monday 7 December during a conference by Ateliers de la terre at the Hôtel de l’industrie with GRET’s Chairperson Pierre Jacquemot and Minh Le Quan, energy expert with GRET

Experts: Samassa Nalla, GRET’s representative in Mauritania and Minh le Quan, energy expert with GRET

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