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Network Membership

GRET is a member of Groupe Initiatives (GI) whose members are its privileged partners among French NGOs (Apdra Pisciculture Paysanne, AVSF, CIEDEL, Essor, GERES, GRDR, HSF, ID, IRAM).

GRET represents GI on the Board of Coordination SUD, the French National Platform of International Solidarity NGOs. Bénédicte Hermelin, GRET’s director, has been the vice-president of Coordination SUD since January 2009. GRET is particularly active within Coordination SUD: it takes part in and runs several committees and working groups (Agriculture and Food, Climate and Development, Health, Quality). It represents Coordination SUD within several thematic groups in CONCORD, the European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development. GRET is also a member of the French International Solidarity Committee (CFSI), and the Fonds pour la Promotion des Études Préalables, des Études Transversales et des Évaluations (F3E).

GRET is also active in thematic networks in France. It is a member of the Water Coalition coordination group, a member of pS-Eau’s board of directors, and a member of the Climate Action Network France; in addition, it has chaired CERISE, a microfinance exchange network, since 2007.