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Bamboo and Rattan Project

Field Project

Start date End date Budget Funding
01/01/2017 31/12/2020 1428000 € Agence française de développement (AFD), Swiss Development Cooperation - Development and Cooperation Department (DDC)


South partner(s) : Bambou and NTFP Development Association (BNDA)


Development of multi-stakeholders and sustainable bamboo and rattan value chains in Lao PDR

Houaphanh Province, in the north east of Laos, counts more than 526 000 hectares of natural bamboo forest. Recognizing the potential of bamboo exploitation, GRET has supported the adoption of an innovative Provincial Bamboo Strategy 2016-2020 in Houapanh. The Provincial policy shows positive impacts in rising incomes of small scale farmers while supporting the sustainable management of bamboo forests.

In order to support the implementation of the provincial strategy, GRET works in Houaphanh on the effective participation of farmer organizations to the management of bamboo forests. The project implements a multi-stakeholders value–chain approach for the development of the bamboo sector. GRET also supports the emergence and progressive autonomization of a local association, the Bamboo & NTFP Development Association (BNDA), as facilitator in the Sustainable Forest Management and Monitoring and Bamboo-based value chain development in Houahpanh.

Building upon the success of the Provincial Strategy and its experience in Houapanh, GRET is now working to develop a National Bamboo and Rattan Strategy through establishing a multistakeholder National Platform. At the heart of this policy lies the combined objective of poverty reduction and sustainable management of natural resources throughout Lao PDR.

Managing our Bamboo Forest for a better life.

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