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Bamboo Supply Chain Development Project in Houaphanh Province

Technical Support

Start date End date Budget Funding
01/01/2008 31/12/2009 219,27 €


The objective is to support the development of a diversified bamboo based economic sector in the Vietnam –Laos cross border mountain areas bringing economic, social and environmental benefits to the poor communities. Specific objectives of this Project are:

  • Establishment of a transparent and efficient system of regulations and procedures for business operation and development in the bamboo sector. Local government needs to be aware of the potential bamboo business can have on provincial economic development and actively participate in designing a sound bamboo sector development strategy.
  • Improvement of market access through developing linkages and contractual relationships between farmers, traders and processors, as well as with larger manufacturers and buyers outside Lao PDR.
  • An increase in overall operation/management capacity and sustainable bamboo production for farmers, farmer groups, and entrepreneurs.


To achieve these objectives, the Project has been designed with 3 main activity components: (1) Sector-enabling environment; (2) Business, investment, and supply chain; and (3) Farmers and resources.